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3 Viking Extreme Beer Bongs 67 cm

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3x Viking Extreme Beer Bongs 67 cm

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Offer!! 3 Viking Extreme Beer Bongs 67 cm - Recommended by Thebeerbong.co.uk.

This Viking Extreme Beer Bong is a very fast Beer Bong. - World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!


Product Information

  • Viking is the fastest Beer Bong series in the world

  • Capacity 2 beers = 66.67 cl (67 cm long strong acrylic tube Ø40)

  • Size: 104 cm and 7.5 cm in diameter at the widest point

  • Materials: 3/4 " ball valve, hose nipple and hose

  • Weight: 950 grams


  • The difference between the Viking and Viking Extreme is only the speed

  • Standard: 1/2" output flow = 1.54 cm2 (14 mm diameter)

  • Extreme: 3/4" output flow = 2.84 cm2 (19 mm diameter)

  • In other words, Extreme is almost 2x faster.

It is a crazy Beer Bong, but it's perfect for competition and for the one who are very fast drinkers. The drinking time depends only on the person, and if you can follow the speed of this Beer Bong then you are the best. The speed and mass of beer will bring you a funny face, but you will be setting new standards of drinking beer among your friends with this one.

These 3 Viking Extreme Beer Bongs will rock every party and festival to the max! If you want to go crazy and have a Beer Bong with style and quality then our Beer Bongs are the one for you.

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3x Viking Extreme Beer Bongs 67 cm

Before £79.90