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Advent Calendar 4x Speciality Beers

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Advent Calendar 4x Speciality Beers

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The perfect Advent Calendar for every Man who loves Beer. There is one for every Sunday during in december.

Product Information

  • Advent Calendar 4x Speciality Beers

  • 1x Silver Arrow

  • 1x India Pale Ale

  • 1x Christmas Brew

  • 1x Christmas Barrel

The beers - short briefly

  • The Silver Arrow is a Strong Beer with 6% alc. and a light Sweetness making it good for sharing.

  • India Pale Ale is a strong Beer with 10% alc. But a lot of aroma and a bitter Aftertaste.

  • The Christmas Brew with 6% alc. is ideal for Christmas Parties. It’s not as bitter as other conventional Christmas Beers.

  • The Christmas Barrel with 10% alc. is a perfect fit for the Christmas Dinner. A lot of Power and Sweetness makes it great for the fat and salty Food.

Look forward to enjoy a nice Speciality Beer on Sundays in the Advent. Enjoy yourself during Christmas Time or buy it for a Beer-loving Friend.

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Advent Calendar 4x Speciality Beers

Before £17.90