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Beer Cooler Stick

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Beer Cooler Stick

Only £17.90

With a Beer Cooler Stick you can be sure to always have cold beers no matter where you are.

Product Information

  • 2x Beer cooler sticks stainless steel + silicone

  • Coolant: consumption of ethanol and water

  • Cool the Beer Cooler for 2 hours in the freezer

  • One can drink it while it cools the beer

  • Eco-friendly material

  • Length: 21 cm - Diameter: 3.5 cm

  • Weight: 85g

This beer cooler stick gets you cold beer at every opportunity. How will you survive the next festival without it? Buy a handful and throw them in a normal freezer or dry ice and bum! You can cool an entire range of beers! The advantage of these beer coolers are that they do not take up any space in the freezer.

Beer cooler stick fits all standard beer bottles.

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Beer Cooler Stick

Only £17.90