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Beer pong golf set

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Beer Pong Golf set

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Beer Pong Golf is brilliant for any kind of events, where there are challenges and / or premiums on top. Thebeerbong.co.uk is the exclusive distributor of this product for the whole of Europe. Europe's leading Beer Pong supplier.


Product Information

  • Beer Pong Golf set

  • 2x Playing surface in solid quality

  • 2x Hit mats

  • 12x lightweight golf balls

  • Foldable legs

  • Materials: Wood construction from the United States

  • Size: 120x60 cm

  • Number of players: 2-4

  • NB! In stock in august - Pre-orders can be made now

The Game - Short Briefly

  • Play now like regular Beer Pong with 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2

  • Hit the balls in the opponents cups and eliminate them one by one

  • Those who have the last cup left win

  • Many different rules can be made for this game depending on the purpose

  • For example, throw different paper written prizes or challenges into the cups

Beer Pong Golf is a very accomplished Beer Pong and Golf product. The game fits perfectly to the golf enthusiast who would like to challenge themselves and good friends in this new discipline.

The product is made with a very nice finish, is handmade and imported directly from the United States. The small details are implemented and in general the product is brilliant for outdoor or indoor events / activities where people have to be challenged. Make your own rules and challenge each other in the golf discipline.

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Beer Pong Golf set