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Beer Pong Table Angels and Demons

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Beer Pong Table Angels & Demons

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Professional Beer Pong Table with unique Angels & Demons print! Play the "good" against "evil" or "young men" against "the young ladies".


Product Information

  • Beer Pong Table with Angels & Demons design

  • Size: 240 x 60 x 70 cm

  • Folded together: 61 x 61 x 14 cm

  • Easy to fold together and transport with handle

  • Adjustable height

  • Upgraded: 0,5 cm thick playing surfaces + aluminum cross under every playing surface to ensure the best quality

  • Materials: highest quality of Beer Pong Tables, aluminium legs and cool print

  • Weight: about 10 kg

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Thebeerbong.co.uk’s own production and design! Thebeerbong.co.uk wants the costumer to have the best quality and the best prices. Also we can offer a wide amount of cool Beer Pong Tables.  

The Beer Pong Table can be folded together and is very easy to transport. In that way you can always have the best conditions when you beat up your friends in the game.

The Table is made in the best quality and at the cheapest price. Do as many other people and make Thebeerbong.co.uk your preferred supplier of Beer Pong products.

Thebeerbong.co.uk’s Beer Pong Tables and Beer Pong Sets can be found in numerous bars and nightclubs all over Europe. We are your ambitious Beer Pong supplier!

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Beer Pong Table Angels & Demons

Before £109.90