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Breathalyzer (BAC)

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Breathalyzer (BAC)

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The Breathalyzer is a small, simple tool, which can show the level of alcohol you or one of your friends have. It has 2 different levels, and it can be suited for parties or drinking games, in order to assure everyone that no one is cheating.

Product Information

  • Breathalyzer to test alcohol level

  • Uses 2x AAA batteries

  • Purchase batteries in the dropdown menu

Application method:

  • Hold the Power-buttom down to the green, yellow and red has light and then at the end only the green one is light.

  • Blow in 3-5 secunds

  • After that the Breathalyzer shows your BAC.

Quick steps:

Push and hold the power button until the led is changing from green to yellow, to red; the color green should show up again, when the device is ready to use

Blow in the device for 3 to 5 seconds

The Breathalyzer will show you which category you fit in.


Breathalyzer (BAC)

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Only £4.90