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Croquet set 75 cm

Only £19.90

Croquet is a over 200 year old original game, and it is still popular today and are extremely enteraining and fun. Challenge your friends and family and let the game begin.

Product Information

  • Croquet set 75 cm

  • 4x hardwood mallets

  • 4x Balls

  • 2x Wood studs

  • 4x Metal gates

  • Colors on mallets: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue

  • Number of players: 2-4

The game - Short briefly

  • Hit, Rock, Scissor, Paper and see who starts

  • Set either the official course or make your own edition

  • Complete all the metal gates in the first half and then hit the first goal stick

  • Then you have to return the opposite way and finally hit the last goal stick

  • You have 1 stroke per round and 1 extra stroke if you complete a gate

  • The one who first complete the lane wins

The classic game for the garden. Show your friends and family who´s the best player when it comes to Croquet. Design your own course in the garden or at the beach and let the game begin.

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Croquet set 75 cm

Only £19.90