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Double Funnel Beer Bong

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Double Funnel Beer Bong

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This Double Funnel Beer Bong is just an upgraded version of the good old Funnel Beer Bong that was used by the older generation in the past.

Product Information

  • 1x Plastic funnel

  • 1x Hose stump

  • 1x Y-hose collector

  • 2x Neon green hoses with valves

  • Capacity: 2 liters of beer (6 beers of 33 cl)

  • Size: 150 cm long and 22 cm at its widest point

  • Weight: 250 grams

  • Colors: Black, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow

  • Choose color below in the dropdown menu

The main difference between the two is that this one has 2 separate hoses, so you can drink along side with your best mate!

This Gadget helps you create new and funny drinking opportunities. The double Funnel Beer Bong can contain up to 2 liters of beer or cider.


Double Funnel Beer Bong

Before £14.90