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Drunken Tower / Jenga

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Drunken Tower / Jenga

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If you are interested in having a fun party and if you are able to control yourself when drinking, then the new Jenga game is perfect for you!

Product Information

  • Drunken Tower Jenga with shotglass and drinking challenges

  • 60x Wooden bricks (15x Unknown drinking challenges)

  • 4x Shot glasses

  • Size: 30x10x10 cm (Can be over 50 cm tall)

  • Material: polished wood

The game - Short Briefly

  • The one who overturns the tower, lose

  • You play the game like a normal game, but with challenges

  • 15 of the 60 wooden block are with drinken challenges

  • Do you pull out a wooden block with a drinken challenge, you rather do it or lose

This particular Jenga has a few special rules, that is why we are calling it the Drunken tower. This game is not based on luck, like the card games are, so you have to concentrate and think, in order to keep playing.

The game runs like a classic Jenga game, where each person extracts a brick out of the tower and places it on top. The main difference is that the Drunken tower has 15 hidden challenges for you and your friends. This is the perfect harmony between the game of Jenga and drinking challenges.


Drunken Tower / Jenga

Before £15.90