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Dry ice

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Dry ice 10 kg incl. foam box

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Dry ice incl. foam box at a great price! Delivery within 1-3 days.

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Product Information

  • 10 kg of dry ice for 3 mm pellets - Pill Form optimizes the cooling with greater surface than slices

  • Core temperature of -79 ° Celsius.

  • Dry ice is carbon dioxide (CO2) in solid form

  • Dry ice evaporates directly from the solid to the gaseous state, thus leaving no water by evaporation

  • Dry ice evaporates about 15-20% daily

  • Choose between bigger sizes in the dropdown menu

Dry ice is cool and effective! The ultimate way of cooling things at the festival, the garden party or the summer party. When Dry ice evaporates, a white cloud is created which gives a cool effect when cooling drinks and food. Dry ice can also be put in a tub with water, making it cold VERY fast!

Dry ice is brilliant at the garden party where drinks has to be cooled down in the heat!


  • Do NOT eat or have direct skin contact, wear gloves

  • Keep the dry ice in Thebeerbong.co.uk's foam boxes and in cool areas as it reduces the evaporation process.

  • Never put dry ice in airtight container (bottles, etc.) as it causes expansion hazard

  • Should only be used where there are reasonable ventilation

  • Inaccessible for children

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Dry ice 10 kg incl. foam box

Only £22.90