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ET 200 Breathalyzer

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ET 200 Breathalyzer

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Buy this high quality breathalyzer and get a precise indication of you and your friends BAC. Fun addition to the party!


Product Information

  • Digital Alcohol Tester ET 200

  • Sensor: Fuel cell sensor

  • Showing your blood alcohol up to 4.0 (B.A.C .: 0000-4000 ‰)

  • Accuracy: ± 10% at 0.12 ‰

  • Including storage box, protective pouch and manual

  • 5x Mouthpieces included

  • Weight 400 g

  • Requires 3 AAA batteries

  • Purchase batteries in the dropdown menu

This high quality breathalyzer shows your precise alcohol intake in percent, mg and BAC depending on what you like digitally.

This is without any doubt the fun feature at the party and with the precise indication of BAC you can also check out if the person next to you is cheating in the drinking game - The ET 200 Breathalyzer can also tell you whether it is a good idea to take the car home or if you need a taxi – get yours now.

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ET 200 Breathalyzer

Before £114.90