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Frozen Beer Mug

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Frozen Beer Mug

Only £5.50

Is there anything better than an ice-cold beer? We don't think so. That's why we have this super cool Beer mug called Frozen Beer Mug.

Product Information

  • 1x Beer Mug in strong plastic with hollow walls with orange coolant

  • Size: 15x7 cm

  • Capacity: 40 cl

This Beer Mug keeps the temperature below 3 degrees on your beer / drink for up to 2 hours and without diluting your beer / drink. (See test below)

We have tested the effectiveness of this frozen beer mug. The test started with a 7-degree could beer poured into the frozen beer mug and then the following happened with the temperature:

At start: 7 degrees
After 30 minutes: 2 degrees

After 60 minutes, 2 degrees

After 90 minutes: 2 degrees

After 120 minutes: 3 degrees

After 150 minutes: 7 degrees

So you can count on the mug keeps your beer cold for about two hours before the effect recedes.

If you wanted to preserve the beer mug for several years we recommend to wash it by hand, because the dishwasher can be hard.

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Frozen Beer Mug

Only £5.50