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Ladder Golf

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Ladder golf

Only £34.99

Do you love playing outdoor drinking games? Or just games? Then Ladder Golf is just the thing for you! If you haven’t tried it before, then try it out now!

Product Information

  • 10x Bolas (Golf balls in a string)

  • Ladder in solid tree

  • The shown picture is a demo model, real picture awaits


  • The participants place themselves 3-5 meters from the ladder and from here throws 3 bolas at the ladder each. Here you must try to hit the ladder with your bola and get it to hang there. 3 points for hitting the lower bar, 2 points for the middle one and 1 for the top bar.

  • In addition, 1 extra point is given if all the bolas hang on the same bar or if 1 bola hangs on every bar in the ladder.

Ladder Golf is a brilliant game that allows several participants at once. The game is easy to transport and of course the loser has to chug a beer or two.

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Ladder golf

Only £34.99