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Loopin Louie

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Loopin Louie

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Loopin Louie is a very underrated electronic board game, that guarantees excitement and unpredictability. Players have to think fast to protect their chickens from the pilot Louie.

Product Information

  • Loopin Louie

  • 1x base with the pilot Louie

  • 4x Mechanical arms with a total of 12 chickens

  • Game of the Year 2013

  • Number of players: 2-4 players

  • Use 2x AA-batteries

  • Purchase AA-batteries in the dropdown menu nedenfor

The game - Short Briefly

  • Put some air under the wings and let the game begin

  • Protect your chickens against the terrified Louie

  • Press the mechanical arm when Louie comes, so he can fly on

  • In addition, you must try to make him hit the opponents' chickens

  • It requires precision and beware! If you press to hard you lose your chicken too

To win the game you have to be the last player with living chickens. In addition, you have to make precise pushes with your ramp, which makes Louie fly over your chickens and therefrom hit the other players’ chickens. Once in a while Louie will fly directly up in the air in the middle, spins around a couple of times and suddenly dives down. That’s when you have to be quick with the ramps!

Loopin Louie was in 2013 named Game of the Year and more and more party companies use it as a drinking game. Make your own rules, that fits your tempo.

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Loopin Louie

Before £23.90