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Party Bingo

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Party Bingo

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It is well known that the bingo games are now invented with the sole purpose of entertaining people during CELEBRATIONS.

Product Information

  • Party Bingo

  • Bingo box with handle for rotation

  • 6x Shot glasses

  • 12x Bingo balls (2 of each color)

  • Size: 30x19x19 cm

The game - Short briefly:

  • Fill up the shots glass with shots

  • Rotate the handle until a ball is rolling out

  • Find the glass that match the color of the ball

  • Bottoms up! Refill

This is a fantastic example of a drinking game, which will amuse everybody.

If there is any doubt on who is the person that should drink first, this game is definitely going to solve that problem. The party bingo drinking game can suite any type of party. This game gives you the liberty to choose the type of alcohol you want, so with each shot you can have a different, tasteful surprise.

The product includes the wheel, the multicolored balls and the multicolored shot glasses, which look exactly like they do in the picture on the left.


Party Bingo

Before £14.90