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Shuffleboard Mini

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Shuffleboard Mini

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Shuffleboard Mini is a great game that is about precision and technique. In the game you have the opportunity to challenge your friends to hit the most points on the “mini” field.

Product Information

  • Shuffleboard Mini

  • Size: 122 x 33 cm

  • 5x Red pucks

  • 5x Black pucks

  • Shuffleboard in solid plastic

  • Purchase more pucks in the drop down menu


  • Each team slides their pucks towards the opponent and has to try and hit inside the point lines that gives respectively 1, 2 and 3 point.

  • The number that stands in where the pucks land indicates how many points you get. If you slide a puck too long and it lands behind the point lines, it gives you 0 points.

  • Likewise, you receive 0 points if the slide is too short and does not reach the other teams point lines.

Shuffleboard mini is a classic game that has been redesigned to a smaller version. There are no limits to how many players. Therefore, it is a game that can easily start a party or just hang around at for some competition. The game is very lightweight and very easy to transport everywhere.

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Shuffleboard Mini

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Before £45.90