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Soil Cooler

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Soil Cooler

Only £239.90

Soil cooled beer is the new way. This incredible soil cooler is totally cool and a pure luxury piece. It can be used both in a garden at home and at a festival where the beer always gets warm.


Product Information

  • 1x Earth cooler for cans

  • Height 113 cm and a diameter of 22-30 cm

  • Weight 12 kg

  • Capacity of 24 beer cans

  • Durable all year

  • Good insulation so that the heat is kept out in the summer and frost in winter

  • It can be installed with a stake drill of 22 cm in diameter or an ordinary shovel

This is a must-have gadget especially in the summer, when the beer is always warm. So if you have a cozy spot in the garden where you wish there was cold beer the whole year or are tired of warm beer for the festival - buy your own now.


Soil Cooler

Only £239.90