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The good Story

Once upon a time....

It all started back in 2004 when the two brothers Joachim and David was going to their first local festival. For both of them it was an important thing to bring something spectacular and eye catching. Both the brothers had heard about Beer Bongs, which many youngster’s uses for these kinds of events. However, to make an extraordinary and different beer bong was a challenge.

The principle was found and the possibilities were just revealed. Our first Beer Bong was made but it lacked in performance, which we were not satisfied with. The beer simply came out to slow. However, we had to wait for the next summer when the festival again would be held before we could introduce our improvements. This time we were much more prepared and had made a Beer Bong, which in many cases was very competitive and a challenging Beer Bong at a festival or perhaps a house party for that matter. Many of our friends were quite impressed with our result, so impressed they wanted to get one too.

They wanted them for 18 years’ birthdays, pool parties, bachelor parties, high school parties and the list could go on. People had embraced our product with fascination and two young guys had seen the light. Our concept is to make quality Beer Bongs to all who are in a need for it. A small production was established to make beer bongs for our friends. The business developed and our great quality beer bongs was to be known in the local area as a great product and a lot of fun... A product without a name, only known for its quality and authentic look. As time passed by, we came to realize that consumers wanted good quality. A product, which looks great and lasts for many years - a product, which you can relate with good memories and happy times.

From hobby to online sale

The two brothers wanted to gain as much experience as possible before creating the company JD Enggaard I/S (now J. Enggaard ApS), which today is responsible the production of the Viking Beer Bong series. The time until 2012 had been filled with parties, festivals, events, competitions etc. Basically, the Beer Bongs have been tested by several hundred people to ensure a product that makes you smile and laugh. Today, they have a party starter and test winning beer bong, which was sold in several European countries with great pride.

The brothers started to consider whether beer bongs alone could do for a serious business or if they had to find a wide product portfolio. At that time, the inventory was in their grandfather’s garage in which they had permission to build up shelves – it worked perfect.

Commercial Business and 3 online webshops

With a company growing rapidly and work taking up time, the brothers decided to split. This was manifested by the formation of an ApS in 2015, expansion of the inventory, automation of working procedures and a global setup with sales all over Europe on a Danish, an English and a German website. As of now, the company has 3 employees, a 500 sqm. inventory, 3 online webshops that sell to all of Europe and a fulltime job. The Company host different events such as Beer Pong Tournaments, The Danish Championship in Beer Bong and works with several bars.

Today, Thebeerbong.co.uk is a company which stakes wide and now sells more than 250 different products spread over many different product categories. The reason for that is simple – we want to offer EVERYTHING for the party lover and the bar.

Today, the company exists because we think that selling gadgets for the party/bar is underestimated; then why not make the business professional and offer the customer the best quality and service. With other words, we just want to make your party funnier!

This was a short story about how two brothers got something fun out of geeking with the production of Beer Bongs before a festival.