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Viking Beer Bong 100 cm

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Viking Beer Bong 100 cm

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As every other good things that are made, a number two is a must! The Classic Beer Bong but in 100 cm. World's leading Beer Bong supplier!

Product Information

  • Viking is the fastest Beer Bong series in the world

  • Capacity 3 beers = 100 cl (100 cm long strong acrylic tube Ø40)

  • Size: 124 cm and 7.5 cm in diameter at the widest point

  • Materials: VVS-meterials with 1/2 " ball valve, hose nipple and hose

  • Weight: 950 grams


  • The difference between the Viking and Viking Extreme is the speed

  • Standard: 1/2" output flow = 1.54 cm2 (14 mm diameter)

  • Extreme: 3/4" output flow = 2.84 cm2 (19 mm diameter)

  • In other words, Extreme is almost 2x faster

This one can easily be called the ”Big brother” to the normal 1/2" as its capacity is enlarged with 50%. This means it can contain one liter of beer. This Beer Bong has proved to be a fast and solid beer bong on different festivals, house parties or any other relevant occasion.

This Viking Extreme Beer Bong is a good master piece for you who have experience from drinking Beer Bongs. It can contain up to 1 liter of beer, which is the same as three European cans. Its appearance ads extra value, because of the cool light-sword look-a-like when it’s filled.

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Viking Beer Bong 100 cm

Before £27.90