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Viking Beer Bong 67 cm

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Viking Beer Bong 67 cm

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The Viking Beer Bong 67 cm is a product suited for everyone who enjoys drinking Beer or Cider. Recommended by Thebeerbong.co.uk

Product Information

  • Viking is the fastest Beer Bong series in the world

  • Capacity 2 beers = 66.66 cl

  • 67 cm acrylic tube Ø40

  • 1/2 " ball valve, hose nipple and hose

  • Compiled by strong and solid plumbing materials

  • Size: 104 cm and 7.5 cm in diameter at the widest point

  • Weight: 800 grams

IMPORTANT: The difference between the Viking and Viking Extreme Beer Bong series is only the speed of the output area. Standard: 1/2" output flow = 1.54 cm2 (14 mm diameter) Extreme: 3/4" output flow = 2.84 cm2 (19 mm diameter) In other words, Extreme is almost 2x faster.

This Beer Bong is our first produced Beer Bong, proven to be very fast and reliable during different festivals, parties and any other relevant places.

The capacity of this Beer Bong is of 66 cl, the equivalent of 2 European regular sized cans. Since the classic/normal beer bong has a solid tube, it gives it an advantage over the regular Funnel Beer Bong, which makes it easier to handle without help!

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Viking Beer Bong 67 cm

Before £21.90